Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher

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The Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher combines a fully internal stainless steel frame with a high-density polyethylene plastic shell that protects the patient and provides a smooth bottom surface if you need to slide the stretcher. The frame provides a 2,500 lb. strength rating and fully supports the patient. The shell has generous hand cutouts for carrying the stretcher and the 7/8-inch diameter top rail is more comfortable on the hands. The closed cell foam patient pad prevents absorption of fluids and is resistant to the harshest of cleaning agents. For high-angle evacuations, the Advantage has Traverse’s patented StratLoad Attachment Points for clipping carabiners inside the frame rails.

Freight on domestic Traverse Rescue Stretcher shipments is $220.00. For international orders, shipping costs are per the freight quote. Please allow several weeks for delivery.

Weight: 29 lbs
Dimensions:  85″ x 23 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
Load Rating:  2,500 lbf

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