CMC MPD Pulley in Washington


When it comes to rigging dual raising and lowering systems with one piece of hardware, there’s nothing that competes with the CMC MPD. The MPD Pulley is something Rescue Northwest recommends to all our Washington customers as part of their essential rigging equipment, and we train using this system when working with firefighters, search and rescue professionals, SWAT and even recreational climbers. 

The MPD Pulley allows you to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware thanks to its patented integral rope-grab mechanism. Regardless of the scenario, this product allows you to quickly rig for total vertical mobility, expediting action time in vital situations. 


Built for Safety and Convenience

There are numerous failsafe features built into the CMC MPD that make it ideal for vital rigging operations. V-shaped sheave and friction post deliver superior control, while a quick release locking mechanism immediately clamps off the rope in the event the rigger lets go. Emergency brake keeps the rigging secure when the operator needs to walk away. 

The simplicity of this system also lends to its versatility. Technicians can manipulate the point of control along the simple S-curve of the CMC MPD during lowering operations, ensuring total control over the load. For raising operations, it’s easy to rip up a simple 3- or 5-point pully system in seconds, for maximum leverage. No matter the rope access challenge, the MPD Pulley will overcome it. 

Extreme Versatility in All Situations

The MPD Pulley is UL-Classified as a pulley, descent control, and belay device. This makes it broadly applicable for all rope access scenarios, including:

Built for Technicians, by Technicians

At Rescue Northwest, we recommend the MPD Pulley to all our Washington customers because of its versatility across rigging operations and rope access situations. We also teach the techniques and best-practices associated with the CMC MPD as part of our courses. For more information, please contact us today at 509-939-5956.

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