PMI SMC Lite Steel D Carabiners – G

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SMC Lite Steel locking carabiners are for those situations where the high strength and durability of SMC Steel Carabiners is desired but the size and weight is not. Increasingly popular among cave and mountain rescuers for providing most of the benefits without the weight and bulk typically associated with steel biners.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel model available
  • Stainless steel gate and sleeve


Item # Model NFPA Rating Material Finish MBS (lbs) Weight (oz)
SM100001N Screw Lock G Steel Lite Alloy 10,116 6.6
SM100007N Screw Lock G Steel Black 10,116 6.6
SM100003 Screw-Lock L Stainless Steel Polished 7,418 6.0
SM100007 Screw-Lock L Stainless Steel Black 7,418 6.0

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