PMI SMC Lite Steel D Autolocking Carabiners – G

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The new SMC Auto-locking lite alloy steel carabiner featuring a triple-action gate, meeting ANSI and OSHA requirements for connectors. Based upon one of the most popular frames in the industry, this carabiner uses an entirely new gate design that can be easily opened with one hand; just pull, twist and open. Release the gate and it automatically closes to a fully locked position. An offset ”D” shape provides a smooth transfer of the Munter Hitch when used as a belay and has ample volume to clip in large diameter ropes and over the rails of most litters.

Item # Description NFPA Rating Material MBS (lbs) Weight (oz)
SM102200N Autolocking – Dualguard General Use Alloy Steel 9,667 5.8
SM102300N Autolocking – Triguard General Use Alloy Steel 9,667 5.8

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