PMI SMC Extra Large Steel Carabiner – G

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Offset “D” shape fits easily over a standard 1.25” ladder rung, making this carabiner an indispensable tool for the rescue professional. This product is more suited for extra wide clipping than for tight rigging.

Key features:

• Stainless steel gate and sleeve
• Material Zinc Plated Steel
• Finish Zinc Plated
Weight 0.78 lbs
Width 3.50” (8.9 cm)
Length 5.70” (14.5 cm)
Weight 12.2 oz (346 g)
Major Axis MBS 54 kN (12139 lbf)
Minor Axis MBS 13 kN (2922 lbf)
Gate Open MBS 14 kN (3147 lbf)
Gate Opening 1.45” (36.0 mm)
Compliant BERRY COMPLIANT, NFPA 1983 (2017), G

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