SKED Stretcher System, SKED Basic Rescue System

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SKED Stretcher System Compact storage, ease of use and flexibility in means of transport have made the SKED Stretcher popular with fire departments, rescue squads, the military, and ski patrols. Made from a heavy sheet of plastic, the stretcher becomes rigid when folded around your patient.

A variety of handles and straps allows the stretcher to be transported by carrying, lifting (vertically or horizontally) by rope systems or helicopter, or towed with the stretcher sliding on the smooth bottom surface. Made in USA. SKED Basic Rescue System comes complete with the stretcher, Cordura nylon backpack/towing harness, two straps, horizontal lift slings, vertical lift sling, one large steel carabiner, and four removable web handles.

Storage bag is 36 inches long by 9 inches in diameter.

System weight: 18 lbs.

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