Heavy Lifting Tarp / Obese Patient Transport Tarp

The Heavy Lifting Tarp has been designed to aid in lifting any patient that’s just too heavy to lift otherwise, and doing so may endanger rescuers’ health and safety (typically patients over 300 lbs.) Can be used in conjunction with a stokes basket or by itself.

The HLT can also be used to quickly transport downed firefighters in RIT applications, or for patient transport during disasters (although it cannot be used for spinal immobilization.)

This product has also been purchased by several state fish & game departments, numerous funeral homes, NASA, and  ski resorts (for use as a life net when skiers fall out of a chair lift!)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Dimensions: length 72″ x width 58″

Handles: 4 on each side, 2 on each end, total of 12

Material: Woven nylon mesh w/ impregnated vinyl on both sides

Webbing handles: Made from 2″ polypropolene webbing, which has a tensile strength of 800lbs.

Color: Red

Weight: 8 lbs.

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