CMC Rescuer Personal Kit with Response Harness

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This kit contains the minimum personal equipment an individual rescuer should have in his gear pack, including personal protection equipment (PPE) for the head and hands.

Kit contains the following items:

1 Personal Gear Bag 1 Pro Pocket™
1 Response Harness™ 3 ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiners, Red
1 Rescue 8 1 Multi-Loop Strap, Large
1 KASK SuperPlasma HD Helmet 1pr ESS Striketeam XTO Rescue Goggles
1pr Riggers Gloves 1 Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamp
2 AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks, 1 Long, 1 Short 1 Rope Rescue Field Guide

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