CMC Rescue Rope & Equipment Bags

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An original CMC design, these Rope & Equipment Bags keep your rope rescue kit together, ready to go. They are made of tough Cordura nylon.

The padded back-pack-type shoulder straps make a fully loaded bag easier to carry. Your hardware stays together so that it can be pulled out of the pocket before you deploy the Rope & Equipment Bag as you would an ordinary rope bag. Additional pockets on the X-Large bag are a good place to carry more web, edge protectors, harnesses or anchor slings. CMC Rescue Rope & Equipment Bags have proven themselves in the field and are now the standard pack on many fire department trucks and engines. Pockets have fast-acting, side-release buckles. Use the included Multi-Loop to connect your hardware together, then use a carabiner (not included) to attach the strap to the loop inside the center pocket.

Pocket dimensions: 6 x 20 in. (15.2x21cm)

Item # Size Length x Diam. Capacity (1/2″ rope) Capacity (5/8″ Rope) Color
431201 Medium 30 x 9″ 200 150 Orange
431203 Medium 30 x 9″ 200 150 Red
431103 Large 32 x 10″ 300 200 Red
431153 X-Large 32 x 10″ 300 200 Red


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