CMC Rescue Patient Tie-In System

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For many years the accepted method for securing a patient into the stretcher was an improvised internal and external lashings using one-inch tubular web. Not everyone remembers how to do it and often the finished lashing was either too tight or too loose. Looking for a quicker and more secure way, the CMC Rescue Patient Tie-In System was developed after testing a variety of prototypes during CMC Rescue School classes. The refined product is quick, secure, and can be easily adjusted to meet the patient’s requirements for comfort. The pelvic harness part of the system supports the patient’s weight when the stretcher is placed in a head up position. The external lashings are available for a one-piece or two-piece stretcher. They can be used with the pelvic harness system or for a patient on a backboard. Color-coded web helps keep the system organized.

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