CMC Rescue Mule II Litter Wheel with Handles

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Manufactured by Traverse Rescue

The Mule II Litter Wheel is the only litter with handles that store in a space not much bigger than the wheel itself. The wheel slides off of the axle and stores securely inside the frame. The handles fold over and around the wheel for compact storage that will fit most rescue vehicles. The handles allow fewer tenders and adjust in height for easier carrying. A large ATV-type wheel provides shock absorption for the patient and rolls over uneven ground smoothly.

The Mule’s unique design allows the wheel to be removed and stored inside the frame.

Note: Due to the method in which this litter wheel attaches to the litter, we do not recommended using this item on plastic litters without a stainless steel frame.

Drop shipped from factory. Flat rate for shipping $250.

Weight: 51lbs

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