CMC Rescue Lifeline

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3 sigma is a statistical method for reporting minimum breaking strength (MBS) that provides a 99.87% certainty of the result. NFPA 1983 and several other standards have adopted it. CMC Rescue uses the 3 sigma method whenever possible.

Priced Per Foot.

CMC Rescue Lifeline is an all nylon kernmantle rescue rope manufactured to our specifications by New England Ropes, which meet our demanding performance requirements. Throughout the year we spend a lot of time “on rope” comparing the performance of different brands and types of rescue ropes. We feel that CMC Rescue Lifeline has the optimum balance of strength, handling, and durability with minimum sheath slippage. Whether you are a firefighter on a skyscraper, a mountain rescuer high on a cliff rescue, a responder to an industrial accident or a tactical officer on rappel, we feel that CMC Rescue Lifeline is your best choice for a life support rope.

Please call for maximum length available.

Priced per foot

Item # NFPA 1983 Rating Diameter (in.) Color NFPA MBS (lbs.)
272810 Technical-Use 7/16 Orange 6,294
272830 Technical-Use 7/16 Red 6,294
272850 Technical-Use 7/16 Black 6,294
263200 General-Use 1/2 White 9,442
273210 General-Use 1/2 Orange 9,442
273220 General-Use 1/2 Blue 9,442
273230 General-Use 1/2 Red 9,442
273250 General-Use 1/2 Black 9,442
273270 General-Use 1/2 Yellow 9,442
274010 General-Use 5/8 Orange 11,240

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