CMC ProSeries Stretcher Harness Kit

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This kit includes the CMC ProSeries Stretcher Harness in addition to the Patient Tie-in System and Patient Tie-in Pelvic Harness. The two Gibbs ascenders and Etrier are for attaching the stretcher attendant to the tender line.

Package includes:

  • 1 CMC Rescue etrier w/tie-in, Red
  • 4 CMC ProSeries Manual-Lock Carabiner, Slate*
  • 2 Gibbs Ascender, 1/2in. aluminum
  • 1 CMC ProTech Auto-Lock Carabiner, Red
  • 1 CMC Rescue Stretcher Pack
  • 1 CMC ProSeries Stretcher Harness
  • 1 CMC Rescue Patient Tie-in System, One Piece
  • 1 CMC Rescue Patient Tie-in System, Pelvic Harness

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