CMC Load Release Strap

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Our Load Release Strap makes sizing and tying a load-releasing hitch fast and easy.

UL Classified to NFPA 1983

Constructed from the same high-strength web and hardware as our Anchor Straps, the larger D-ring on the load end has enough space for multiple carabiners. The wide web and multiple wraps provide a high degree of control during release. The strap now comes assembled with our red ProTech Oval Carabiner.

Minimum Breaking Strength Specifications

  • Basket (U) Configuration: 80 kN (17,984 lbf)
  • End-to-End Configuration: 9 kN (2,023 lbf)
  • Choker Configuration: N/A

Certification is based on testing in the basket configuration. The Load Release Strap is designed to be used in the end-to-end configuration. While the wraps were done the same for each sample, they appear to have introduced some variability into the results such that the 3 sigma approach to calculating a statistical MBS may not be appropriate. The results for the five samples tested ranged from 27.5 kN (6,200 lbf.) to 48.5 kN (10,900 lbf.).

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