CMC Confined Space Rescue Rigging Kit w/ 13mm Clutch

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CMC Rescue

This kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, stand-by rescuer, main-line operator and belayer to set up systems for vertical entry into a confined space for both rescue and patient transport. For a complete confined space solution, add or use your own communication, gas monitor, and ventilation equipment.

Kit includes:

2 Lassen Duffel Bags, Medium 1 Shasta Gear Bag™
1 Rope & Equipment Bag™, Medium 3 #3 Rope Bags
1 SKED-EVAC Industrial Tripod 2 Response Harness™
1 Lifesaver Victim Harness™ Lifesaver Victim Chest Harness™
1 LSP Miller Full-Body Splint 1 SKED® Basic Rescue System
1 CSR2 Pulley and Double Pulley 5 PMP Swivel Pulleys
18 ProSeries® Screw-Lock Carabiners – Brite 2 Aluminum Oval Carabiners
6 AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks – 3 Short, 3 Long 1 Anchor Plate
2 Load Release Strap 1 FastLink™ Anchor Straps – Medium
1 Anchor Strap Sleeve – Medium 2 Princeton Tec EOS II Headlamps
2 Edge Pads – XL 5 Kask Super Plasma Helmets
5pr Riggers Gloves 5 Alta Superflex™ Knee Pads
2 Confined Space Rescue Field Guide 1 Confined Space Rescue Technician Manual
200ft Static-Pro™ 7/16″ Lifeline 3x200ft 1/2″ Static Pro Lifeline (3 colors)
100ft Tubular Webbing (5×20′) 48ft Tubular Webbing, Add’l Color (4×12′)
1 Born Entry-Ease


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