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The working line for the AZTEK system must be strong, perform well with small diameter Prusik cord, and be supple enough to pack compactly. Constructed of 100% nylon, our design-specific AZTEK ProSeries Cord blends high strength with abrasion resistance for proven performance. The sheath construction is engineered for compatibility with our 6 mm sewn Prusiks and ease of packing into the AZTEK ProSeries Pack. Bright orange for high visibility. Tested, proven and trusted by the CMC School and rescuers worldwide.

Classified to EN564, the solution-dyed sheath of this 8 mm cord has a precisely calibrated level of twist, which gives the perfect balance of abrasion resistance, and packability into a bag. The compact 32 carrier pattern provides excellent core coverage to prevent herniation. Heat treatment of the sheath and core ensures consistent field performance and durability.

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