PMI SMC 3″ Double Prusik Minding Pulley NFPA

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The unique shape of SMC’s aluminum side plates allow the efficient use of Prusik hitches as a belay or progress capture device. Constructed with a 3” diameter sheave running on a high efficiency ball bearing. Low profile fasteners help eliminate the possibility of the pulley snagging. Pulley will accommodate up to 13 mm rope.

SMC 3″ Double PMP NFPA-Gold
Item no. SM158500N

Key Features:

  • Ball bearing
  • Large top hole easily accepts 3 large carabiners
  • Designed for 11 mm to 13 mm ropes
  • Precision machined aluminum side plates and 3″ sheaves. Sealed bearings
  • Double pulleys include a becket

Color: Gold/Grey
Type: Double Pulley
MBS: 48 kN (10790 lbf)
Weight: 1 lbs 4.8 oz (590 g)
Length: 7.10″ (18.0 cm)
Width: 4.17″ (10.6 cm)
Height: 2.20″ (5.6 cm)
Becket Strength: 30 kN
Axle: Ball Bearing
Sheave: 2.97″ Aluminum
Tread: 2.46″
Max Rope Size: 13 mm
Material: Aluminum

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