CMC Rope Rescue Team Kit – Traditional Rigging

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Containing the minimum equipment required to handle most high or low-angle rope rescue responses, this kit includes a main line with mechanical advantage for raising and a descent control device for lowering, a belay line, a litter with a patient-packaging system, and gear for setting up anchors.

In addition to this equipment, we recommend each member of the team carry the personal equipment included in our Rescuer Personal Kit.

Kit contains:

1 Rescue Rack 5 PMP Swivel Pulleys
1 Anchor Plate 15 ProSeries® Screw-Lock Carabiners, Brite
1 Shasta Gear Bag™ 1 Truck Cache™
2 #2 Rope Bag 1 Rope Rescue Manual
1 Stainless Steel Rescue Litter 1 Litter Pack
1 ProSeries® Litter Harness 1 Litter Insert
1 Lifesaver Victim Harness™ 1 Patient Tie-In System
2 CMC Ascenders 1 Patient Pelvic Harness
1 FastLink™ Pick-Off Strap 2 ProTech™ Auto-Lock Carabiners, Red
200ft CMC Lifeline, 1/2in 4 Adjustable Litter Straps
200ft CMC Lifeline, 1/2in, Add’l Color 1 FastLink™ Anchor Strap, Medium
1 Anchor Strap Sleeve, Medium 1 Etrier with Tie-In
2 Edge Pad, XL 1 Ultra-Pro™ 4 Edge Protector
1 AZ Bound-Loop Prusik, Long 40ft Tubular Webbing (2x20ft)
8 AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks, Short 24ft Tubular Webbing (2*12ft)
2 Load Release Straps 1 Aluminum Oval Carabiner, Red

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