CMC Rescue Etrier w/ Tie-In

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Made of 1-in. mil-spec tubular web and designed specifically for rescue, this etrier is superior for litter tending and other vertical activities.

The four steps are stiffened for easier foot entry and abrasion protection. The top hand grip aids balance when moving up or down a tender line. The Etrier with Tie-In has a 3-foot multi-loop strap which can be attached to a harness as a safety backup.

Length: 60 in.

About CMC Rescue Web Gear
CMC Rescue sewn web products reflect many years of manufacturing experience and designs based on field use, rescues, and testing. Lightweight yet durable, our tubular web delivers a high strength-to weight ratio. Each product is sewn in our own California manufacturing facility with contrasting color thread for ease of inspection. We build CMC Rescue Web Gear as if we were going to use it ourselves – and we do.

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