CMC Rescue Cearley Rescue Strap

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Rick Cearley is a retired senior helicopter pilot for the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the inventor of the LSP Cinch Rescue Collar.

Cearley saw the need for a product to rapidly secure a victim under difficult conditions, such as swimming rescues. Despite its simple appearance, this Cearley original design has features developed through years of field use by Los Angeles area firefighters and rescuers.

Why You Need a Rescue Strap
All firefighters should consider carrying a Cearley Rescue Strap in their turnout because of its many applications to quickly secure a downed firefighter who must be dragged, lifted, or lowered. It can also be used as a hasty chest harness to pluck victims from above-ground windows or during swiftwater operations, or even as an emergency harness for self-rescue from upper floors. It has proven itself with our department when lives depend on quick and simple securing of victims for evacuation.

Battalion Chief Larry Collins, Los Angeles Country Fire Department, Urban Search & Rescue Company

  • Length: 5 feet
  • 3s MBS: 8,036 lbs (36 kN)
  • Weight: 6 oz

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