CMC Azzard Tower Climbing Connector

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Azzard Delta Connector

CMC instructors suggested a special version of the Azzard that could accept a pulley when used as the top connector on the tower. The Delta Connector has a D shaped screw link that can be opened to install hardware.


ANSI Z359.1 Compliant Anchorage Connector

Designed by Reed Thorne of Ropes That Rescue, Azzards provide quick connections to towers and other structures when protecting an ascent using a lead climbing technique. The unique design allows quick, one-handed attachment to the structure for maximum security when placing belay protection. The custom designed aluminum ring reduces weight and provides a wide, smooth bearing surface for the rope. The one-inch web, has red wear indicators for easy inspection. The double-locking carabiner gate can be opened with one hand.

Exceeds OSHA minimum strength requirement of 5,000 pounds.

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